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Parents Next

What is ParentsNext?

Are you a parent or guardian of a child aged between 9 months and 6 years of age? ParentsNext can assist you to be ready to re-enter the workforce as your child reaches school age, increasing your independence and having a positive impact on the quality of your family life.

ParentsNext supports parents and carers who receive Parenting Payment to plan and prepare for work by the time their youngest child reaches school age.

Support includes help with developing skills, training or work experience, help arranging financial support for job preparation skills, training and other work-related expenses or connecting to local support services such as counselling.

ParentsNext Helps You Develop

  •  Improved financial awareness and budgeting.

  •  Supportive and meaningful relationships with family and friends

  •  Improved quality of life through accessing clinical mental health and counselling services.

  •  Confidence to independently access services, activities, and community opportunities.

  •  Confidence to apply for and sustain long term employment.

  •  Confidence to complete education and employment courses

  •  Improved strategies to find work life balance.

Are you eligible?

 You can join ParentsNext if:

  • Your youngest child is between 9 months and five years of age; and

  • You have not done paid work in the last six months.

We can meet with you in person or over the phone – whatever is convenient for you. Once we get to know you, we will work together on a Participation Plan that caters for your specific needs. This may include things like:

  •  Accessing activities and services to improve your personal situation at one of our locations

  • Accessing activities and services to improve your work-readiness

  • Using interpreters

  • Increasing your literacy and numeracy skills

  • Increasing your digital literacy skills

  • Referring you to education to help you complete Year 12

  • Referring you to training to help you gain a qualification

  • Other activities, such as voluntary work

How to Join

 Centrelink can refer you if you are eligible, or
eligible parents can register by contacting your local ParentsNext office.

SMYL has 72 ParentsNext locations, covering:

Metropolitan Perth:







Regional Western Australia:

Southwest WA
Great Southern

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