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Work & Development Permit Scheme

The Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme is a new initiative to help people who are experiencing difficulty paying court fines due to hardship.


Under a WDP, eligible people can apply to complete approved activities under the supervision of a sponsor, in place of paying the amount owed.

How can SMYL help you reduce your court fines?

SMYL is an approved sponsor for the Work and Development Permit Scheme and can assist you to apply for a Work and Development Permit (WDP).


WDP is an alternative way to pay off your fines through different activities within the community.

SMYL Activities can include:

  • Attending our SEE or AMEP programs. 

  • Starting an RTO course.

  • Medical or mental health treatment

  • Course treatment for an alcohol or drug use problem

  • Mentoring (for under 25s)

  • and much more.

Contact us to see if you can reduce your court fines.


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